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Gym Mats provide Ballistic Rubber Tiles, best used in bunkers and to stop bullets. Ballistic tiles provide a safe live fire climate due to high density, elasticity, and strength that’s why ballistic rubber tiles are used in shooting ranges and weapon clubs.

50mm ballistic rubber tile

Why Ballistic Rubber Tiles?

  1. Due to its extra thick and extremely durable.
  2. It can be loosely laid in a wall-to-wall installation.
  3. Due to extremely dense, elongate, strong, and elastic
  4. Used to minimize the risk of ricochet and splatter of standard guns and rifles.
  5. Due to fire retardant and UV resistance.
  6. Reduce noise levels at firing ranges

Gym Mats and ballistic military rubber flooring are made for the military, Special Forces, and Bunkers. Bullets are trapped inside the ballistic rubber tiles which is why these tiles are best for shooting purposes and limit the risk of kickback or ricochet issues during the military exercise.

We have high-quality ballistic rubber tiles for shooting ranges and gun clubs that are anti-slip, shock resistant, anti-pressure, fire resistant, and sound absorb We are Made of high-quality, tough rubber crumb that is bound by an MDI polyurethane binder. 

Gym Mats Ballistic Tiles Execution:

We are a manufacturer of ballistic rubber tiles in the range of 30mm, 50mm, and 75mm and can customize rubber tiles and build the right range as per customer needs.

* Around 2000 rounds of firing can be taken by each tile and up to .308/7.62mm rifle round.

*During rounds ballistic rubber tiles must be used with Ar500 steel plate backing.