How to Install Rubber Flooring in Gyms?
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How to Install Rubber Flooring in Gyms?

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Do you want to install rubber flooring? Don’t know from where to begin? Not to worry! This guide will help you in knowing all about the steps for installing rubber flooring.

As we all know the pros of rubber flooring are many and it stays for a long period as compared to other flooring types. Rubber flooring as we all know is a resilient material that can endure wear and tear. This type of flooring is quite popular in residential as well as commercial settings both these days.

Of course, you will prefer rubber flooring for gym, basement, garage areas etc. as they require a non-slippery surface. In case, if you wish to install rubber flooring on your own then you need to prepare yourself in advance. Let’s go through the below-given steps one by one for installing rubber flooring to give it a seamless finish. Happy Reading!

Step 1: Gather Materials for your Rubber Flooring Project

Rubber flooring is available in numerous types including tiles, interlocking mats, rolls, and so on. The most useful materials that are necessary for installing these are heavy-duty tape double-sided, rubber flooring of your choice, utility knife, mop and brush for cleaning, chalk, straight edge tool, and carpet roller.

Step 2: Pre-Installation Prep Work

Once you finish assembling all the materials, proceed with the next step of simple cleaning. You have to remove any debris from the floor as it can cause an issue with the adhesive. The moisture from spills needs to be mopped up properly from the flooring area before installation. You can install rubber flooring on a concrete or smooth subfloor without the need for any underlay.

However, if the concrete is completely fresh then you must dry it for few weeks. In case of uneven subfloor, make use of the leveling compound first since it will give your rubber flooring a smooth and better finish.

Step 3: Loose Laying your Rubber Flooring

Once the area gets prepared well, move on with the next step where you need to loose lay the flooring across the area without the use of adhesive. In case you are using the rubber roll, ensure to roll out simply from the end of your area wall. You can cut the pieces roughly and later on can trim properly by making use of the utility knife.

Step 4: Bonding your Rubber Flooring

Now, you have to start applying the double-sided tape. If you are making use of tiles then ensure to add tape strips for every tile. Once the adhesive gets laid, simply remove a release tape. Start pressing the flooring into the proper place. Apply firm pressure on the rubber flooring for removing lumps and bubbles beneath. Adjoining flooring pieces must sit even to one another and you can make use of a straight edge tool for giving flooring a perfect finish.

Step 5: Rolling the Finished Installation

Once you see that all gym flooring pieces are in a proper place, leave it for an hour so the adhesive gets set in place properly. Start using the carpet roller over the flooring top. It’s better that you make use of the carpet roller widthways and lengthways both. Make sure to avoid shifting the installation at this final stage.

Closing Insights

Let’s conclude this guide with the hope that will help you in installing rubber flooring in a better and perfect way. Give your gym an appealing look by installing rubber flooring properly. Installing rubber flooring is not tough but you need to follow proper guidelines to install it correctly and for increasing its longevity.

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