What type of Maintenance is required for Rubber Flooring?
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Exploring the Maintenance Requirements of Rubber Flooring!

What do you think cleaning rubber flooring is easy? Do they require maintenance? As a gym owner, you have spent enough money on buying the best flooring for your gym. No doubt it’s true that rubber flooring can be cleaned effortlessly and requires low maintenance. Just like other floors they also need to be cleaned on a regular basis to make them appear great in every way. 

This type of flooring requires vacuuming and in case of too much dirt, cleaning has to be performed by mopping the floor with lukewarm water and using a nylon mop. 

What is Rubber Flooring?

Do you know rubber flooring is the most durable flooring that gym owners can maintain with much ease? People nowadays make use of rubber flooring not only in gyms but also in their homes. The reason for the same is that it won’t absorb dirt which is the reason for its increased demand. Also, they are available in numerous sizes, textures, and colors that one can select per their needs.

In this guide, we will discuss the ways to maintain the laminate rubber flooring.

Laminate rubber tile

Sweeping and Vacuuming of rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is resilient but dirt can make them appear dirty and dull. So, for that, it’s better to vacuum the flooring once a week, and quick vacuuming is required in high-traffic areas and regularly

But make sure to choose a vacuum cleaner that has a soft beater brush in case of vacuuming. 

Tips for Effective Mopping

Mopping the floor on a weekly basis can keep rubber flooring in good condition but if you notice tough stains on flooring then you need to follow another method. Use a damp mop simply dipped in warm water to clean the floor. It’s better to use a nylon mop when mopping rather than a cotton mop. Once finished mopping, let your floor dry completely or make use of a dry vacuum to suck up the remaining water from the floor. 

Dealing with Stubborn Stains

If stains are visible on rubber flooring it becomes important to remove them completely with proper methods. Special cleaners might also be required in many cases. But home remedies work great too if they are used properly. It’s better to avoid household cleaners such as bleach, abrasives, strippers, etc. 

If you want to remove water-based stains, make use of a water and vinegar solution but in a 50:50 ratio. Simply damp the cloth with turpentine for oil-based stains and avoid making use of more turpentine as it can cause damage to the flooring. 

Avoiding Common Mistakes in Cleaning Rubber Floors

Here we have jotted down a few things that gym owners must avoid when cleaning their rubber flooring so as to increase their longevity

  • Stop making use of harsh chemicals as they can deteriorate the floor. Avoid using solvents that are not made for your flooring. Rinse the floor if you see any spills on it immediately to avoid stains from getting deeply absorbed. 
  • Avoid making use of abrasive brushes since they can scratch the floors instead of making them look clean. You can use soft brushes to wipe down the floors properly. 
  • Rubber flooring is repellent so don’t make use of excess water when cleaning as too much water can peel away the adhesive. This is the reason; a damp mop is recommended to clean the floors. 


Lastly, the above-given tips every gym owner must follow to keep their rubber flooring appear new and to make it last for a long time. Gym flooring is something that can hold the attention of people visiting your gym so don’t take your flooring lightly since it can leave a bad impression on people performing workouts in your gym

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