Rubber Rolls: An Ideal Choice for Gym Owners!
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Rubber Rolls: An Ideal Choice for Gym Owners!

Rubber rolls

Rubber rolls is one of the top most option for gym flooring. For majority of gym owners, designing the gym simply falls into 2 major categories:

  • The items they are passionate about
  • The items they didn’t realize are vital to consider
Rubber rolls

They simply ignore the importance of gym flooring. Do you know what major role it
plays in your gym? You might have done all research on the latest cardio machines and
designs. But what about flooring? The good thing is that there are ample flooring
options that are available in the market when it’s about commercial gyms. The popular
flooring that is quite common nowadays is gym rubber rolls. They are used in locker
rooms, cardio areas, free weight areas, reception, high-traffic areas, and so on.

About Rubber Rolls Flooring

Rubber rolls provide a perfect wall-to-wall solution that is enough to make your gym
appear beautiful. Most commercial gyms make use of rubber rolls for covering large
areas since they are in trend due to their sleek look and durability. Rolls can be easily
cut to the desired length as required regardless of the size as well as shape.

Finding the Right Flooring Thickness

Rubber rolls come in different thickness levels and you can choose the thickness as per
your gym space.

  •  For instance, ¼’’ rolled rubber thickness is available but it can be too thin if you have an area where people will use heavy weights and dumbbells. So, here thicker option will work great.
  •  3/8’’ thickness mats can absorb shock from barbells, kettle bells and lightweight dumbbells.
  •  ½’’ thick flooring is recommended where weights won’t be deliberately dropped on a frequent and regular basis.

Rubber Rolls Flooring Installation

The first step is to take out the rolls from their original packaging. After that, unroll them
and lay the rubber rolls down. Cut the rolls as per the required length. It’s a time-
consuming task as you need to cut the rolls with a relaxed mind to avoid roll wastage.
Also, ensure the rolls are straight and have no folds on them while installing them.

Rolled Rubber Flooring Maintenance

Gym flooring is the biggest investment that you will make. Maintenance is quite simple
with the correct products and protocols. Gym rubber rolls need to be mopped many

times a day; more traffic means more dirt and dust on the floor. Schedule regular
mopping and deep cleaning once a week.

Rubber Rolls Benefits

Rubber rolls have ample benefits that make them an ideal choice for several gym

  • Ultra-durable
  • Easy to install in high-traffic areas
  • Secure fit
  • Seamless appearance
  • Greater water
  • Affordable price

Safe, strong and can be maintained easily, gym rubber rolls are perfect for heavy traffic

Wrapping Up

Let’s end this post with the hope that it will be going to help you in knowing all about
rubber rolls for a gym. It doesn’t matter how big your gym is, but if your gym lacks
proper flooring then it can affect people’s workout. So, choose proper flooring for your
gym and make it a perfect zone for fitness freaks to perform exercises.

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