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Rubber Flooring is the best option for gym flooring. If you want to remain healthy in such a busy life, the first name that comes to mind is the gym. Hitting the gym regularly helps you maintain a fit and healthy body and mind. Have you ever wondered what the first thing you step on after stepping into the gym is? Still wondering, what it is, don’t stress too much it is the gym mat flooring. If you believe in the theory of the first impression being the last impression, then the floor does play a big part in landing that impression. And, if it is adorned with gym matting, its impression will surely be a positive one. If one is impressed at the very first instance after entering a gym, this assures a long-term association with the gym mats

Gym Mats offers its clients the option of customizing the EPDM granules and base color option for rubber rolls and rubber tiles. This option gives our customer to choose as they want their own design for the roll, Normally we have thickness available for rubber rolls are 2mm, 4mm,6mm,8mm and 10mm with various EPDM color option like white ,blue, yellow, red, green and multi EPDM.


If you own a home gym or commercial gym and have made up your mind to go for the rubber floorings, then we at Gym Mats have the best solutions. Rubber flooring can be categorized into different types–rubber rolls, Groove tile, Interlocking tiles, hexagonal tiles & Paper-Cut tile in 20" x 20" sizes with five color options black, grey, green, blue & terracotta, and in 6 thicknesses, i.e., 6mm,10mm, 15mm & 20mm, 25mm and 30mm. Rubber rolls are comes in 2mm, 4mm, 6mm,8mm and 10mm thickness with EPDM color. If you want to order any of our gym flooring tiles or rubber rolls know anything about these, call us up or write a mail.


Thinking of Gym, we understand the different types of workouts and exercises. But, the silent hero of any gymnasium is the floor. Having gym floor tiles on the floor can grab the attention of the onlookers and one who hits the gym. One of the topmostpotentials of anefficacious gym is that they want what is best for their members. They understand that having professional standards while running a gym is very important, particularly if you're going to preserve the devotion of your existing clients and inspire new clients to join your gym. Here are the five benefits of rubber floorings.


One of the significantaids of gym flooring is that it helps prevent severe injuries. Many people injure themselves while exercising because of patchy carpets or a slippery floor. A proper gym parquet will guaranteeexceptional slip traction accompanied by an even soft surface. Gym flooring also averts heavy equipment from sliding out of place and giving in to injuries.


When you are hitting out the gym, the two things that are on the cards is sound and impact. If you are fond of weight training, you will be familiar with the heavy noise there. The gym rubber tilegobbles up the sound and does not reach your ears at its full potential, and the workout continues without any distractions. If there is no proper flooring, the people doing heavy workouts can skittle and invite an injury. So, adequate flooring can diminish the chances of any unfavorable incident happening.


Better prep for better results

 It is a no-brainer that when one is not worried about getting hurt or catching an injury, the full focus will be on the performance. If one is working out with heart and soul, it will show good results and boost performance. Rubber flooring with rubber tiles provides the best gym flooring surface for your most intense workouts. It is said rightly that if you want superior results, you should have superior preparation. Rubber flooring makes for this superior preparation for gyms.

Style reigns Supreme

 If we term this age as an age of style, it is not hyperbole. People need style in everything they do, and going to the gym is no exception to that. With gym flooring spread on the floor, it becomes a distinct style statement, to say the least. Various types and designs further add to the style quotient it gives to the entire gym and not only the floors. Now, you don’t have to be content with traditional flooring styles like stone floors or wooden ones.

Final Few Words

 These are some of the aids of the rubber gym floorings over their counterparts. If you want to take a step further towards advancing your gym, then this thing will undoubtedly be on the cards. If you are not able to make up your mind, mind it, we have till now got a large number of satisfied customers, which tells a lot about our credibility. If you want quality, quantity, and trust all under the same roof, then Gym Mats has it all for you to cherish. Thinking about Rubber Floorings, think about Gym Mats.

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The Trend of Today Gym Mats!

Having Rubber flooring in the gym is today’s cool and the most preferred one. Gym Mats provide best rubber flooring tiles and rubber rolls for your gym flooring with various color option and thickness. This is for the simple reason that it provides better balance and prevents tips and slips. Not only that, it can absorb impacts while doing heavy workouts. Durability is also the key with this type of flooring, as it does not dent or scratch as the wooden flooring does. It is a total win-win situation for the gym owners to have floor tiles. Firstly, it ensures the safety of the people doing workouts in the gym, and secondly, it does provide a durable option for flooring.

Style statement is another thing associated with the rubber tiles, be it the regular tiles or the interlocking gym tiles spread on the floor. The look given to the floors by the rubber flooring is not that easy to replicate for the stone or wooden floorings. So, if you want very stylish yet durable flooring, thinking beyond rubber floorings can be a little tough for anyone.

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