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How Gym Flooring Can Make or Break your Gym’s Entire Setup?

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Gym flooring is something that can make or break the appearance of your entire setup. Yes,
you heard it right! Choosing the right gym rubber tiles is quite vital for enhancing the gym
space and for making the gym zone an exciting place to do workouts. There are few things
that one must consider while picking ballistic rubber tiles be it for a commercial gym or a
home gym. The key to picking the correct rubber flooring tiles is to think about the activities
that need to be performed by fitness lovers in the gym.

Gym flooring is quite vital since it protects the equipment and the people from sudden falls
thus making a safer space to do workouts. For weightlifting, dropping the barbells and
weights are quite frequent during the training which can damage the surface over time.

So, this guide will tell you everything about how to pick the proper gym flooring for building
a perfect gym. Let’s get started with it! Happy Reading!

What Kinds of Gym Flooring are There?

When it’s about gym flooring then no doubt there are different categories to choose from.
Nowadays, rubber flooring is quite common and the best option for gyms. They are quite
inexpensive, simple to install, durable, and quite protective due to their thickness.

Apart from this, there are many options that one can choose as per their need and budget.
Ballistic rubber tiles are in much demand these days as they can protect one from sudden
falls, avoid scratching, and creates a comfortable surface for doing exercises. Moreover, it
will protect the people as well as the gym subfloor both. There are many ballistic rubber
tiles manufacturer and supplier and choosing the best one is vital for getting quality

What About Noise reduction?

The majority of people agree that gym training is quite loud. This is quite a problematic
situation in home gyms as it can irritate the neighbours. But proper gym flooring can
alleviate such issues and it also works as the coating of sound insulation and limiting all the
vibrations around the training space. So, here proper flooring plays an important role in
reducing unwanted noise.

How Thick Should a Gym Floor Be?

The thickness of the gym floor one has to consider as the longevity of your floor depends on
the thickness only. If the flooring is too thin then it will reduce its capability to absorb shock
as well as vibrations. Since you will spend much on flooring so a good gym flooring that lasts
for a long time is a solution to go for. Like gym tiles of minimum 15mm are best as they will
give complete protection while doing any type of workout.

How Much Gym Flooring Do You Need?

It completely relies on the training space you have and the area you wish to cover. For full
coverage, make sure to measure the complete floor space including its length and width. In
case, you are tight on a budget then you can simply cover the area where heavy equipment
is placed. In short, the flooring that is required will depend on the amount that you can
spend easily since everyone has different needs and budgets.

Commercial Gym Flooring Requirements

Commercial gyms see much foot traffic along with high-impact activities such as Zumba,
step aerobics, weight training, and so on. So, commercial gyms require long-lasting flooring
to remain in good condition for a long time.
Here we have jotted down a few features that one must consider in case of commercial gym


In the case of commercial gyms, ultra-durable flooring is required that can withstand
● Heavy foot traffic
● Heavy gym equipment
● High-impact activities,
● Sweat and spills
● Temperature fluctuations
● Vibrations
● Noise
For running a profitable gym, a resilient surface is needed that can last for a long time.

Impact and Sound Absorbing Properties

In gyms, people drop weights and do intensive workouts so you will require a durable gym
surface. Why? Since this will protect one from injuries. In addition to this, you will require a
quieter gym floor that can easily absorb the noise in the gym area.

High Traction

The flooring of the gym must provide a complete grip to fitness lovers thus allowing them to
do their workouts comfortably. The high-traction gym surface will help people to perform
the workout confidently. Also, the surface of the gym must not be too hard on one’s joints.
It must provide complete comfort underfoot while performing the workout session.

Simple to Clean and Maintain

Gyms on frequent basis are covered with debris and no doubt people will spill water or
other energy drinks between workouts. So, you will require a surface that can be cleaned
and maintained easily. Also, the gym surface should be resistant to tough stains and mold.


Let’s conclude this guide with the hope that it will be going to help you in understanding
how gym flooring plays an imperative role in creating a unique and full-fledged gym.
Nowadays, people give attention to the design and surroundings too for doing a perfect
workout. Get in touch with ballistic rubber tiles manufacturer and supplier and make your
gym the best place for doing workouts.
So, what are you waiting for? Just design your gym in a unique way and hold the attention
of people visiting the gym. 
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