Are Interlocking Rubber Tiles the Most Popular Gym Flooring?
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Are Interlocking Rubber Tiles the Most Popular Fitness Flooring

Interlocking rubber mats
Interlocking rubber tiles

Are you planning to install interlocking rubber tiles? If yes, then you are going right! Do you know why? Since they are quite popular in commercial as well as home gyms. They come in the shape of a jigsaw puzzle which can be installed with much ease. Do you know why interlocking rubber tiles are a suitable option for gyms or other commercial spaces? Due to its unique properties like durability, high traction capabilities, nonslip abilities, and high impact absorption capabilities.

What are Interlocking Rubber Gym Tiles?

If we talk about rubber tiles then they are available in different thicknesses and styles, however, the procedure to install remains the same. No doubt, they are quite expensive as compared to other flooring options but they are durable, hardwearing, and safe to be used in different fitness environments.

Interlocking  Tiles Specifications

  • Provides an elegant look to any boring space
  • Eco-friendly option
  • Extremely durable
  • Quite thick and gives an appealing look to areas like playgrounds, garages, and gyms
  • Can be installed with much ease as it won’t require any tool to install it
  • Portable and can be easily moved to another place
  • Safe for kids’ playground areas
  • Available in varied sizes and beautiful color options

This guide explains all about interlocking tiles and the benefits associated with them. Let’s get started with it! Happy Reading!


interlocking mats
interlocking mats

Benefits of Interlocking Rubber Tiles

You might not be aware of all the benefits that come with interlocking rubber tiles. But, after going through the benefits you will be going to make a better choice regarding these interlocking tiles.

Rubber interlocking tiles, no doubt, are the perfect option since they are quite tough. They can be installed in areas where the dropping of weights takes place frequently.

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Here we have jotted down the few benefits that are associated with interlocking rubber tiles.

  • Easy Installation

Interlocking rubber tiles have firm interlocking edges which can be installed easily together. Also, they won’t require any type of adhesives which makes the installation process a lengthy one. In short, installing the interlocking rubber tiles is simple and can be done by following a few steps.

  • Seamless Finish

Interlocking rubber tiles provide a seamless finish to floors that can be cleaned and maintained easily. Rubber interlocking tiles can be installed over existing surfaces. In case, if you are planning to install on hardwood then put down a protective layer to protect against any reactions between rubber tiles and wood finish.

  • Provide a Protective Layer

Gym flooring offers a protective layer for protecting the subfloor, gym equipment, and body. Interlocking rubber tiles are known for improving traction and minimizing the chances of sudden injury. Not only this; they also help in absorbing shock which makes them an ideal option for gyms.

  • Plenty of Finish Options

Interlocking rubber tiles can offer ample finish options for providing the exact performance one wants. Also, they can be chosen from different color options. Choose the color that perfectly matches your gym area. You can also choose the color fleck rubber tiles to keep the design simple and attractive.

Where to Use Interlocking Rubber Tiles?

You can use interlocking rubber tiles in different areas as given below:

  • Home Gym

Interlocking rubber tiles are an ideal option for home gyms since the jigsaw design can be installed easily in minimal time. Also, people can install them on their own and without any additional help.

  • Fitness Center

Interlocking gym rubber flooring tiles provide a professional finish to the gym surface. Also, they are known for reducing noise and sound transmission thus absorbing the impact of different movements. Additionally, they can be maintained with much ease and sanitized after regular use.

  • Kids Play Area

Interlocking rubber tiles absorb impact, so they make a perfect option for the kid’s playground area. The playground is an area where kids fall and slip frequently, so installing kids playground rubber tiles can provide a secure space for kids to enjoy their playing session excitingly.

  • Garage Space

Garages are used for storing cars and other equipment such as tools and machinery. So, in such cases, there is a need for a heavy-duty and simple-to-clean floor solution. Interlocking rubber tiles are effective that can protect the subfloor and can withstand heavy loads easily.


Hope this guide will help you in knowing more about interlocking rubber tiles. As we all know, flooring is something that can hold the attention and leave a good impression in the minds of people. Everyone wants to play or perform any workout in a safe flooring and interlocking rubber tiles are the one that can turn out to be a perfect option for gym and playground areas.

There are numerous interlocking tile manufacturers that one can choose from. What’s important is to get in touch with the best one to buy high-quality interlocking rubber tiles. Since they are expensive and you can’t waste your money buying cheap rubber tile. Also, invest some time in doing proper research to buy interlocking rubber tiles as per your requirements.

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