A Brief Guide on Pros of Rubber Flooring Tiles and Rolls!
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A Brief Guide on Pros of Rubber Flooring Tiles and Rolls!

Rubber tiles and rubber rolls

Are you planning to buy rubber flooring for gym or any commercial space?
Confused whether to go with rubber tiles or rubber rolls! That’s quite normal since
you are spending enough money and you don’t want to waste your money in making
a wrong decision. Rubber flooring are popularly used in both residential as well as commercial
spaces. They are quite similar when it’s about their properties however have slight
differences in them. So, if you will understand the difference among these two then it
will help you in making a better choice. For making a better and more informed
decision, it’s important for you to understand the pros of rubber flooring tiles and
. Let’s start with their pros!

Pros of Rubber Flooring Tiles

Rubber tiles are long-lasting, simple to install, affordable, and perfect for almost
every workout surrounding. Also, they can be put together easily and appears great
in every space. Rubber is quite durable and provides a solid grip. Not only this, it can
endure heavy loads, feels soft underfoot, and provides proper cushioning while doing
a workout.
They are available in numerous textures and color choices so one can choose the
hues and colors to match their interior design. You can make your space vibrant by
using different colors of tiles or can go with simple solid colors too.
The Rubber tiles are made from synthetic, virgin, or recycled rubber material. In
general, they are available in squares and can be cut into sizes and shapes of your
choice to fit the space perfectly. Also, you can select the tiles from different
thicknesses and densities. 8mm is the most popular tile thickness that you can go
for. Since gyms require thicker flooring so as to protect the subfloor from heavy
dumbbells and other weights.
In addition to the above-given benefits let’s have a look at some other benefits:
 Resistance to hard workouts
 Numerous style options
 Perfectly fit your space
 Easy to install
 No adhesives required
 Easy to remove and store

Pros of Rubber Flooring Rolls

Rubber rolls are also an ideal choice that is quite popular in commercial gyms. They
are quite durable and economical thus making a perfect option to be used in high-
traffic areas where a lot of activity takes place. Rolls provide an elegant seamless
experience if installed in a proper way. Most of the rubber rolls are available in a
black base however you can select the one as per your choice from different options
for a unique appearance.

They are available in sheets and different thicknesses to suit different requirements.
For instance, thin rubber rolls are perfect for bodyweight exercises, for universal
gyms you can go for medium thickness and thicker rolls make an ideal choice for
powerlifting and high-impact activities. If we talk about rolls, then they are large and
require glue or simple tape-down installation.

Let’s have a look at some of the other rubber flooring rolls benefits:
 Ultra-durable and ideal for doing high-impact activities
 Easy to install in large spaces
 Secure fit
 Water resistance
 Seamless appearance
 Reasonable rates

How to Select Between Rubber Flooring Rolls and Tiles?

Now, you are aware of the pros so it will become easy for you to make a better
decision regarding your flooring. If you want to install rubber flooring in a small space
then go for rubber tiles. They are versatile and are suitable for home gyms, weight
rooms, fitness studios, etc.
In case, you want a permanent flooring option then choose rubber rolls as they are
great to be used in commercial gyms, high traffic areas where durable flooring is

Closing Insights

Let’s conclude this blog with the hope that it will help you in making the right decision
for your gym or any other space flooring after going through the pros of rubber
flooring tiles
and rolls. You can’t neglect flooring since it has the power to hold the
attention of people, especially in gym areas, and makes the workout comfortable and

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